Solaimaneyah City
Cairo , EGYPT

Hotels for congresses, sport and wellness
, extraordinarily designed swimming-pools
excellent gastronomy  , a supermarket
and further services that form part of an
urban infrastructure as well as the villas
of residence,built in different architectural
styles, all offer the guests and new inhabitants
luxurious accommodation and
  a diversity of leisure entertainment.
How it started
Soliman Amer, an Egyptian buliding entrepreneur,
had a visionary dream 16 years ago. Close to the
metropolis Cairo, but sufficiently far away from
the smog, noise and pollution of the city,
a new paradise should come into being.

Northwest of the route to Alexandria, he purchased 13 million square-meters of desert.
Wells were being sunk, lakes and ponds being laid out, and the landscape was being planted with palms,
pine trees, bushes, lawn and flowers.
Right here, in the centre of all this, he built his SOLAIMANEYAH CITY.
The highlight is the Maritim
Hotel Solaimaneyah Golf Resort & SPA with its beautiful golf site, the exclusive,
wood-panelled clubhouse including the Pro-Shop and the splendid, richly green golf courses.
Here, the tourist or business traveller can relax sportily in the fully fresh air and, after a 40-minute drive, become absorbed into Cairo’s metropolitan and vibrant city-life or admire the gigantic Pyramids of Gizeh and the pharaohs’ treasures in the Egyptian National Museum after a drive of only 20 minutes.
and flourishing city.
... into a blooming

The desert turns...