Solaimaneyah City
Cairo , EGYPT
Friendly People

Approximately 71 million people live in Egypt. It is the Arabian country with the highest population density. In the town and city centres, especially in Cairo, you can almost fancy yourself in Southern Europe, considering the flair as well as the people dressed according to western fashion. Here you will be confronted with a developing country’s surprisingly broad middle class. Life in the villages, however, has hardly changed at all throughout the millenia. The Fellachs (Egyptian farmers) live here. They are descendants of the pharaohs and are of a modest and rather conservative nature. In the deserts, only 50.000 of the approximately 90.000 Bedouins still lead their traditionally nomadic lifestyle. The remaining ones have settled for work in the oilfields, mines or tourism industry. The about 120.000 Nubians have lost their properties due to the construction of the Assuan-dam and have resettled in new villages. Since the situation at Lake Nasser has been stabilized, the attractive area prompts many Nubians to moving back to their old, native home. The Islam is the state religion. 93% of the Egyptians are Sunnite Muslims, 6-7% are Coptic and Roman Christians.