Solaimaneyah City
Cairo , EGYPT
The acquisition

The representative real estate agency for Europe is our real estate partner Schloss Gymnich GmbH located in Erftstadt, Germany (close to Cologne). Our partner will not only help you with the acquisition, but also if need be with financing, renting out or reselling the property.

The sales contract between the buyer and the Solaimaneyah-group is made under the supervision of a laywer and a renowned Egyptian firm of laywers.

The first instalment at the amount of 10% of the selling-price will be due after signing the contract, and the fees for the lawyers plus a single local property tax have to be paid. The following instalments depend on the construction time and are due quarterly.

When the selling-price is fully paid, the buyer will be entered into the land register and the transition of the property is legally binding. The additional monthly costs, which vary according to the size of the property, result from the water and electricity consumption as well as the community expenses for street cleaning, refuse collection, security service etc.