Solaimaneyah City
Cairo , EGYPT
Contrary landscapes
Egypt covers an area of one million square-kilometers, 35.200 km of which form the Nile Valley and Nile-Delta. The rest is desert, interfused with some romantic oases: in the West of the river Nile the sandy Libyan desert with hollers down to 133 m below the sea level (Kattara-holler) and elevations up to 1000 m, in the East the hilly Arabian desert with Shayib el- Banat (2.187 m) as the highest mountain. The Sinai penisula already belongs to Asia and has a rugged, mountainous landscape. The highest mountain is mount Moses with 2.642 m. The expanse from North to South is 1.030 km, from East to West 1.240 km. Egypt is bordered in the North by the Mediterranean Sea, in the West by Libya, in the South by Sudan and in the East by Israel, the Gulf of Akaba and the Red Sea.