Solaimaneyah City
Cairo , EGYPT
Cairo by day and night
Top-class hotels, such as the Cairo Marriot, the Four Seasons or the Mena House in the shadow of the Pyramids of Gizeh, and restaurants and cafés of all grades form part of Cairo’s cityscape. Also Cairo’s nightlife with its western bars, discotheques and jazz clubs are the equal to New York, Paris or Berlin in every way. A unique experience is a romantic candlelight-dinner with belly-dance. Who rather wants a taste of Mozart or Verdi, will surely not regret a visit to the Cairo Opera. In the new opera house kindly donated by Japan, western classics (Aida) as well as the opera’s own ballet-productions and guest performances from overseas are regularly being staged, all wonderfully intonated by the house’s own symphony orchestra. Rather touristy than spiritual, but nonetheless worth a visit are the hot-tempered and colourful performances of the Dancing Dervishes in the old Koran School.
In our program are the following evening-trips:
- Cairo at night
- dinner-cruise, modern or pharaoh-style, with belly-dance